When my husband, Ugo, and I first started this business in 1971, the decision was not a planned one. It was truly out of necessity and for the well-being of our family. We decided to take a step into the food world and started out with a tiny grocery store on Sargent Avenue, at a time when the ethnic food market was still in its infancy. Customers loved it, and soon our store became the gathering place for ethnic cultures to come together through food, wine and social interaction.

At the time, our two children, Tom and Liana, were very young. As parents and business partners, we quickly learned that balance needed to be an important part of our lives. Although there were moments we could have improved on, we realize what a blessing it has been to have both our children there for us and with us throughout the years.

One of the great gifts for me is living and working in this great city, where our customers’ loyalty has allowed us to live our passions every day. Our business, which is now Piazza De Nardi, still welcomes many of its first customers, local chefs and customers who come looking for the finest ingredients, every day. It really is a great combined labour of love for all of us.

There is nothing better than putting a plate of delicious food on the table for people you love.
I am so pleased to share our cherished family recipes with you

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